PowerSync Docs

Quickstart Guide

We recommend that you start by using our demo Flutter application. This will get you up and running quickly with a known-good reference implementation. If you'd rather get started by pulling PowerSync into your existing project, see the Using PowerSync section.

Obtain a Demo PowerSync Environment

If you don't already have one, contact our customer success team and they'll provision one for you.

Run The Demo App

In order to run the demo app, you will need to have Flutter installed. Follow the official installation docs for your platform.
Once you have Flutter installed, clone and run the demo app:
git clone https://github.com/journeyapps/powersync-flutter-demo.git
cd powersync-flutter-demo
flutter run
This will run the flutter app as a native application. Alternatively, attach a device or start a simulator to run the application there.
You should see a basic app running:
Enter the full demo endpoint (e.g. https://793482732893847.powersync-demo.journeyapps.com) and password that was provisioned for you by our Customer Success team.
The demo app should now be fully connected to your demo instance and you should see some example data: